Teaching & Tutoring

I have worked as an educator, teaching writing and literature in a wide variety of settings, from a small liberal arts college in rural Virginia to a nonprofit organization for adult survivors of sexual assault in New Hampshire. At this time, my writing classes are on hold, but I do currently offer one-on-one coaching for creative writers, and private tutoring for students who need assistance with academic essays and papers. The specific services I offer are described below:

Teaching Services

Past Classes:

Creative Writing Class at NH Institute of Art, Sharon, New Hampshire:

Memoir Writing: Shaping Narratives From Our Lives
$299 for the 3 day workshop, Friday June 8, 2018 – Sunday June 10, 2018 10am – 3pm

Whether you are just beginning to write, or whether you have years of experience, this class will speak to those who are driven to the page by what they have seen, touched, and heard. Exercises and prompts will encourage you to generate new pages, as students pay close attention to components of craft, such as scene and setting, sensory detail, and constructing reliable narrators. In addition, we will address the writing process itself, including revision and editing, and strategies and tips to help writers meet writing goals, as well as resources for submitting work for publication. Come shape the stories that reside inside you. Writers of all levels and backgrounds are welcome.

Tutoring Services: Academic & Creative Writing

I offer private tutoring to students of all ages. My specialties include:

  • College Writing Courses: I am able to assist with any type of college writing assignment (creative, research-based, critical analysis, etc.) for any subject, including but not limited to English, History, Psychology, Humanities, Geography, Business.
  • College Application letters
  • Fellowship Application letters
  • Scholarship Application letters
  • Job Cover Letters

*Private Tutoring rates vary depending on individual goals and needs. Please contact me for specific pricing details.

One-on-one coaching for creative writers:

When working one-on-one, I can be flexible in providing exactly what you are looking for as far as bringing your work to the next level. Mentoring includes an initial consultation in order to establish the goals of each individual writer. I am able to provide critical feedback and line-edits for book length works, and/or shorter pieces of writing. I will offer suggestions and resources regarding publication opportunities, and help to keep you focused on your personal objectives. Together, we will design a customized plan that serves you and your writing goals.

Approximate rates for detailed manuscript feedback are $10.00 per page. This fee includes meetings via phone or in-person, as well as emails regarding your work.

Words From Gina’s Students:

“Gina facilitates a Writer’s Workshop in a way that is relaxed AND rigorous at the same time. She’s equal part writing coach and writing teacher, in the way she encourages feedback from all group members, and shares with us specific examples of writing we can also grow from reading. She exposes participants to the writer’s world outside of participant’s daily practice and designs each week’s session to increase comfort levels so we expose our writer’s world from within, too.”

-Cris Blackstone 

“The Memoir Writing class was of immense value to me. Each class was designed to focus on a particular element of the craft, but fluid enough to let the members of the group explore the areas each wanted to, through group discussions and writing prompts. The materials, reading selections, and book suggestions I acquired during the class will be revisited, often. I was inspired to write more pages than I had in a while, but more importantly, I wrote more fearlessly. I gained more confidence to call myself a writer and focus on improving my own talent, and eventually, to submit my work for publication.”

-Richard M.

“I took a writing (memoirs) class with Gina years ago at York Adult Ed.  It changed my life.  I have become a genealogist and write family stories from research extrapolation.  I love it.  I would love to be her student again.”

Sarah Grant

“Gina’s workshop Where Fire Meets Form meets me at the level that is exactly right for me. We are inspired and guided to do the hard work of writing while sharing the pleasures. The classes are just long enough to give everyone a chance  to contribute and Gina has an endless assortment of stimulating  reading material for every genre.”  

Pamela Durack

“I always have a book going, and after having finished something so beautifully crafted; something that made me cry, or put me in the middle of a scene, or taught me something new about the world, I would wonder how on earth the author did it. The creative writing workshop provided answers to my question. In a positive and encouraging environment, I was given the necessary tools to begin the process of learning to write. Receiving feedback on my own assignments, listening to other writers, and participating in the class discussions taught me so much. I think the greatest piece I took home was that good authors write, and write, and write, no matter what.


“For approximately eight years I had the good fortune to benefit from the English grammar and writing tutorship provided by Gina Troisi. Gina has been a very knowledgeable and reliable resource in the course of my studies. Whenever I came to her for assistance in writing a paper, she was effective in getting me engaged. A few times she gave some grammar seminars that were a great help in strengthening my language usage. Gina has a passionate interest in the English language and an observable desire to bring this passion to others.”

Richard Thivierge