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The Angle of Flickering Light received a Silver Medal for the 2021 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards

and an Honorable Mention for the 2021 Paris Book Festival Award for Memoir!


Review of The Angle of Flickering Light by Frank O Smith in The Portland Press Herald


Review of The Angle of Flickering Light by Martha Highers, editor of Under the Sun


The Converse-Station: Sari Fordham, Author of Waiting for God to Notice, Interviews Gina Troisi


Annalisa Crawford, Author of Small Forgotten Moments, Interviews Gina Troisi on Blogging with My Fountain Pen


Author, Gina Troisi, talks about her memoir The Angle of Flickering Light on Joe Public Speaking Podcast


Interview: Gina Troisi, Author of The Angle of Flickering Light, by Suanne Schafer, Author


New Hamsphire Writers’ Project Member Spotlight: Article Published in the Concord Monitor Newspaper on May 2, 2021


An Interview with Author Gina Troisi by Kathy Wagoner of Southwest Writers Organization


How I Made my Writing Career-writing Coach, Novelist, and Memoirist Gina Troisi by the fabulous Roz Morris, Author and Editor


What, Why, How: Gina Troisi by Linda K. Sienkiewicz


Guest Post for Ian Rogers’s Blog, But I Also Have a Day Job: Gina Troisi on Trading Freedom, Time and Health Insurance


Gina Troisi “Emerging” at Randolph College: Interview on Stonecoast Community Blog